/ Story: Jeannette’s Memory Of A Lifetime After Surviving Illness / Story: Jeannette’s Memory Of A Lifetime After Surviving Illness

In 1986 I was 19 years old, married and had a 4 month old baby girl. I had some swelling and redness to come up right below my right knee. Within a few weeks the most excruciating pain set in. I finally went to the Dr. who thought who thought I had just hurt my leg somehow. I was sent home with some meds to see if that would help. It did not ! The pain grew worse and worse. It hurt so bad I would just cry. I went back to the Dr. This time the Dr. knew something was really wrong. He did and xray and told me that I had a lesion and sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon told me it was a tumor in my bone. I was then sent to 2 more Drs. until finally I was sent to UAB in Birmingham , AL where I was diagnosed with the childhood cancer Osteo-genic sarcoma. I underwent a limb salvage operation and a year of chemo. I lost my hair, was very sick for a year while undergoing the chemo. That was around the time when I finally heard Bret for the first time. I loved Bret from the first time I heard him! When I would be so sick that I could not do anything, I would listen to Bret’s music. I would get up and dance with my nieces, cousin and friends using my crutches. Through lots of prayer and faith and music , I am proud to say I am a survivor of 27 years of this terrible disease. I always wanted to go to a Bret Michaels concert and never got to. I always dreamed about seeing Bret Michaels live . That dream came true this year Dec. 28th at Sammy T’s in Huntsville, Al. I got their early so I could get at the front and I did over to the side of the stage. Bret touched my hand , lol. I thought that was the most amazing thing ever. I had my baby girl with me, that was 4 months at my diagnosis. She is now 27. I am so glad to have survived and could make this memory with her . Love you Bret . Keep doing what you do. You are an inspiration to me!



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