/ Story: Music Heals The Soul / Story: Music Heals The Soul

My husband is 52 and has become my miracle for the year, he was taken to the hospital on July 26th for a severe asthma attack, he went into 3 cardiac arrests and was in ICU for 22 days during the arrests, a blood clot was thrown into his hands and the doctors were only able to save one hand. My husband is an awesome guitar player and all I want is for him to play again. He has come out of the hospital with diabetes, severe memory loss, trouble walking and just having trouble getting by some days. I am thankful he is still in my life. My only wish is that he would be able to get his bionic hand to play his guitar again. This has put such a strain on our lives, I had to quit my job to stay at home with him, because I could not afford a nurse to come in with him. My husband is indeed a miracle I just wish I could get him what he needs.



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