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Month: October 2013 / Story: Andrea Overcomes & Becomes Positive Role Model In Health / Story: Andrea Overcomes & Becomes Positive Role Model In Health

I am telling my story so maybe others will come to know and understand what I did throughout my life. I hope to share why I did I what I did and to help encourage people who may be going through what I went through. I believe you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.

I can remember perfectly the day I began my eating disorder and even today I can’t believe it. Sometimes I feel like it is not real. Now today I want to make a big step and I want to tell my story. I have never told it really!

I remember how I was being hard with myself… I was trying to be perfect, to be good enough for everyone, but I never got it… You always can be thinner, prettier, more clever, smarter, a better daughter and better athlete etc….

My story may seem like a textbook case of bulimia / anorexia, but however it comes across, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through and also the GREATEST blessing of my life….

I don’t really know what made me stick my fingers down my throat but after it happened once, and after feeling the pleasure of control, I couldn’t stop. I made myself sick every day at first, then it became three times a day. I’d purge after every meal I ate, making myself sick after I was done eating. At times the meals were very small as I was restricting my intake while other day I’d binge, often consuming 4000 plus calories in a day.

It turned into an addiction. My legs would begin to shake and I would suddenly feel uneasy and fidgety once I had eaten a bit of food. I would have to make myself sick, whether it be in my own home, in a friend’s house or out in public, I would always find a place to do it. I was discreet, no one knew.

After more than thirteen years, I knew that I had a very serious problem. I had lost a lot of weight, from a healthy 140 to below 115, yet I wanted to be smaller. I would starve myself for as long as I could but then would be so hungry that I would binge on anything I could find, and then make myself sick again. It was like a vicious circle of starving, binging and purging. I knew it wasn’t right but at the same time thought there was nothing wrong with me and that it was a normal thing to do. It was as if I had a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. The angel telling me to get help and the devil telling me there was nothing wrong with me and to carry on till I lost more weight. I exercised obsessively, even in my college years, while playing basketball and volleyball (Division 1). In addition to going to basketball and volleyball practice, I was teaching several aerobic classes a day! I was seriously underweight, fragile and very mentally ill. Alongside my eating disorder came depression, hair loss, self hate and lies.

If people did think something was wrong, few probably suspected how bad it was. I doubt anyone actually thought I spent most of the night bingeing and purging, then going to my classes, ball practice and work during the days. Few probably suspected that I purged between classes in undergrad or later as I worked as a Physical Education teacher.

I wasn’t lazy, stupid, greedy, self-centered, or arrogant as some had suggested. I was just struggling with an eating disorder. I was sick. I didn’t know how to eat normally. I didn’t know how to eat without eating a lot. I didn’t know how to stop bingeing and purging without severely restricting. Purging was extremely calming. I liked it. A lot. It wasn’t something I could just stop by myself. I was a exercise science student and college athlete by day, then years later a mother and teacher too but a bulimic all of the time. Music and the words to music made me focus! It seemed to tune out the angel and the devil at times that sat on my shoulder. To me music is everything. Still today I just drive and listen just to clear my head..

Today in my forties I am healthier than I have been at any time in my life. I eat healthy foods in proper proportions and maintain a strong and athletic body through regular CrossFit workouts. I am a certified CrossFit Coach and own CrossFit APx in Cary, NC where I help people to be their personal best. In addition to our general membership of CrossFit athletes I help those with special needs including those who are physically handicapped, have a neuromuscular disease, eating disorders etc. When I open my gym aka box, my goal was to make it the most inclusive gym in the nation. A place where everyone with the will to work hard to achieve their health and fitness goals can and would be accepted unconditionally. I have had the pleasure meeting this man ! We all give to the world in many ways he is fortunate he can through music plus much more.

Andrea Logan


20131015-064235.jpg / Story: Fellow Diabetic Brady Meets Bret / Story: Fellow Diabetic Brady Meets Bret

My name is Tracey Logan and I live in Hattiesburg, MS. Bret played here this past Sunday, Oct. 6th. My son, Brady, is 11 and was just diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Needless to say, it was quite a kick in the gut! I am so happy to say that we did get to meet Bret at the meet and greet after the concert in Hattiesburg, MS. I  met Bret and mentioned to him that Brady was out in the parking lot. He said, “well go get him and bring him here”. He had one of his guys take me to get Brady and bring him to meet him and get his picture with him.

I cannot express how gracious Bret was to us and especially in speaking to Brady about diabetes. He was a class act! It was so good for Brady to see what a rock star like Bret can do and accomplish even with diabetes. I am so grateful to him for taking his time to talk to us and to get his picture made with Brady. Bret also told Brady that we need to get him to camp. I told him that I had emailed a guy named Patrick 🙂 and that I noticed the information about camp when I found your email on the foundation website. I will have to read up more about camp. I would love for Bret to know how much I appreciate his time with me and Brady that night. Please pass this information along to him. Can’t wait until I get to see him again in concert!! He truly rocked!

Great show and great guy!

Tracey Logan
(A very grateful mom of a diabetic child)

photo 1

Bret and Brady

photo 2

Bret and Tracey / Story: Friends Bridging The Diabetes Gap / Story: Friends Bridging The Diabetes Gap

I met my best friend when I was in first grade, I was too young to understand about diabetes then. As the years went by and we grew older I would spend almost every weekend at her house. At 13 Tracey and I shared a paper route, I watched my young little friend take two shots a day and pills every 6 hours, I watched her have reaction after reaction, in and out of the hospital. I remember sitting on her tummy trying to hold a tongue depressed so she wouldn’t swollow her tongue. I lived in NJ and my family moved us to Oklahoma when I was 17, I studied diabetes. I did my term paper and oral on this because it was so important for me. I will never give up on a cure, my friends older brother Gene had diabetes and died from it about 8 years ago, my sons football teammates dad had his leg amputated just last month. Awareness, now I am 47 and so is Tracey, I haven’t seen her in 20 years, but she is still a big part of my heart.

God bless you Bret,

Love Deanna

20131008-111054.jpg / Story: Linda’s Motivation Pays Off / Story: Linda’s Motivation Pays Off

My name is Linda and I am from a small town in Minnesota. When Bret played in Rochester, MN on April 24th, 2013 I finally had the chance to meet him. I will explain a bit to as why that was so important to me personally. I took a bad way in life and 9 years ago I was able to get things in order and be a great mother to my kids. Nine years ago my motivation was that if I was able to get back on the right track that I deserve to meet Bret and it took me nine years to do so, but it gave me so much closure to that part of my life. The only regret that I have is that I was so nervous that I couldn’t really talk. I wanted to explain how much of an impact he has everyone. It was an experience that i will never forget.


Linda Deo

bret michaels

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Bret Michaels’ “Chance” Plush Toy is available now at PetSmart stores and online.

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Chance-Red-768x1024 / Story: Laura & Diane, Childhood Friends Reunited / Story: Laura & Diane, Childhood Friends Reunited

My name is Laura and this past August, my childhood friend Diane and I went to see
Bret in Obetz, Ohio. We had grown up loving Poison! We were recently reunited and
Diane just underwent a successful surgery for bone cancer so it only seemed right
that to celebrate we meet Bret together! The music from your youth always holds a
special place in your memories and Bret was a big part of those years for us. Even
more special to me now, Bret gives support to so many things that have touched my
life: diabetes, cancer, his love and support for our military men and women, and his
pet charities. My grandfather passed away due to complications from his diabetes, both of my grandfathers were in the armed forces, and I am thrilled to say that my mother is a breast cancer survivor! I also work in the veterinary field so the pet
charities make my heart incredibly happy and I have sent many pics of my dogs and
their Pets Rock toys in and thet were posted on Bret’s Facebook page! Thanks for
that! It’s been all the buzz amongst my coworkers at the vet clinic that my dogs are
famous because of Bret! In all seriousness, I do want to share a moment from the
concert in August. Bret had given my friend guitar picks for each of her children.
When he asked me if I had children, I sadly answered “no”. I didn’t give any details
other than that my husband and I were still trying and Bret must have sensed my
sadness and gave me a guitar pick for me and then he said, “and one for the baby to
come.” He has no idea how much that meant to me as we have had loss after loss. I
miscarried our first child, then twins, and last year had a tubal pregnancy. The
fact that I didn’t have to say anything more and he was so sweet to me without even
knowing about my broken heart. That meant the world. Just last week, only 1 month
after the show in Ohio, Diane and I drove from Ohio to Florida to see Bret at the
Hard Rock Hotel to kick off Pinktober in support of breast cancer awareness. Again
we did the Meet N Greet and I really wanted to give Bret something. Of course, you
are always so nervous to talk when you meet him so I didn’t get to fully explain the
meaning behind my gift. I felt like a bumbling fool trying to get the words out! LOL
I noticed he wears guitar picks on a few necklaces and I have a friend who makes
jewelery. I had a guitar pick from long ago when I attempted to play guitar. It was
black with a silver cross on it. I kept it all of these years. She was able to make
it into a necklace for Bret in the hopes that he would accept my small token of
thanks. He gave me a “guitar pick of hope” in August so I wanted to give him one
back. To me, the pick symbolizes hope and that “Something to Believe In” especially
after all that Bret has been through in his life as well. I was tickled to see that
it matched a few things in his wardrobe (He has a black hat with a silver cross on
it). He was so sweet to accept it and wear it during the show. I just wanted to
thank him for that even though I couldn’t spit out the meaning behind it. Though it
was a small gift, it was huge to me! I also want to thank him for all that he does
to give back to everyone, for his heart, for all of his charities, for his love for
his fans and for making us all feel so important, for his music that keeps us all
singing and dancing, for his inspiring stories of his struggles and overcoming, and
for his concern and kind words to my friend, Diane after her cancer scare, and his
kind words that made my broken heart smile and have hope! Thanks Bret! We love you!


Image / Story: Cathy’s Courageous Breast Cancer Battle #PINKTOBER / Story: Cathy’s Courageous Breast Cancer Battle #PINKTOBER

Hi! I’m a longtime fan. I have battled breast cancer starting May 11, 2011. I had a double masectomy. I can’t have any reconstruction and recently I found out I carry the brca 2 gene and had to be opened up to remove my ovaries. I’m one month out from that surgery. Eleven days before I was diagnosed with breast cancer I lost my mother to a rare kidney cancer. I had been taking care of her when I found a
lump. I refused to leave my Mona’s side. After she passed, I was diagnosed. I had
surgery to remove both breasts, 22 chemo treatments, 35 radiation treatments in total and lost all my hair.

Now I’ve been on tamoxifen for five years. My husband recently surprised me w tickets to see Bret in Houston, TX on Oct 5th. We live in South Georgia so we are flying in for the show. I miss his kick off for Pinktober in Orlando and I’m so excited to see him.

He is such an inspiration to me. Always helping others and can’t wait to see him.

Cathy Holt