/ Story: Friends Bridging The Diabetes Gap / Story: Friends Bridging The Diabetes Gap

I met my best friend when I was in first grade, I was too young to understand about diabetes then. As the years went by and we grew older I would spend almost every weekend at her house. At 13 Tracey and I shared a paper route, I watched my young little friend take two shots a day and pills every 6 hours, I watched her have reaction after reaction, in and out of the hospital. I remember sitting on her tummy trying to hold a tongue depressed so she wouldn’t swollow her tongue. I lived in NJ and my family moved us to Oklahoma when I was 17, I studied diabetes. I did my term paper and oral on this because it was so important for me. I will never give up on a cure, my friends older brother Gene had diabetes and died from it about 8 years ago, my sons football teammates dad had his leg amputated just last month. Awareness, now I am 47 and so is Tracey, I haven’t seen her in 20 years, but she is still a big part of my heart.

God bless you Bret,

Love Deanna


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