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I have been a fan for more than 20 years!!!!

So here it goes…Back in July of this year, I had lost 30 lbs in 1 month, sleeping 16-18 hours at a time, very depressed, blurred vision, very hungry and memory loss, then I passed out eating an apple, went immediately to the hospital, blood drawn and was admitted into ICU for a week.

I have been diagnosed at 36, a TYPE 1 insulin diabetic, it does not run in my family line! This type of disease usually comes out as a young child or it runs in the family. I am a “RARE” case where I have an antibody cell of. Their saying for a long time, I was a big woman (270lbs) and after losing 120 lbs successfully back in 2010-2011 and keeping off the right way, my body could not adapt too the changes, tho I had kept that weight off for more than 2+ yrs.

I was told in hospital at admittance,(severe ketoacidosis) I was hours away from a diabetic coma and possibly wouldn’t of woke up. I have children, I am a sister, daughter and a wife and I’ve struggled forgiving myself of not going to the DR earlier. Could I of changed the end result? I have to move fwd and know in my heart, that I couldn’t change the result, but I m not there yet. I have changed so much spiritually since being released early August. My faith in God has changed, friends and family has gotten me thru this very difficult adaptation in my life. I’ve struggled emotionally. I STILL STRUGGLE EMOTIONALLY! I have had to change my whole life in a sense around this. I attend meetings and classes to help me.

Ive accepted being this way, with God’s help, my awesome friends and family.

Now, I am up too approx. 131 from 120, I have muscle tone back! I can and will live as a healthy type 1!

I’ve been recommended for the insulin pump but cannot afford, so Ill continue to count my carbs and adjust to give insulin shots as I eat and give my 24 hr shot at bedtime.

I AM ALIVE! I talk to God all day long and thank him for my life, for being a Mom today, a daughter, a sister, a wife and a friend, for blessing me to wake up!!! I tell my story to strangers, to pass along information to get healthy!

Next week I go for my 3 month A1C, and hoping for a result of 6-7. I know that sounds extreme from where I was, but Ive worked very hard to eat healthy and now with insulin in my body we think I’m there!

If anyone has information on programs out there to assist, let me know! All of my health care needs are out of pocket.

My photo, is my reason I fight everyday!

Thanks for hearing my story! GET HEALTHY! I am the result, the RARE result of what could happen!



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