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I’m sending this story and photo in on behalf my friend Ruthie. She has always been an avid fan of Bret Michaels. In 1990 she had a head on collision car accident and aggravated her AVM she had since birth on the brain and has had multiple surgeries and even a stroke from her illness. In 2000 she had an AVM on her spine and was paralyzed and has partially recovered. She still has to continue to go to Arizona to see her neurosurgeon for evaluations and treatments. She has severe pain every day. She has difficulty getting around with her balance and gait are greatly effected. Her vision is also declining as well. Being a single parent she has difficulty doing what she wants to do with and for her son. Her son has also became a huge fan of Bret Michaels and started playing the guitar because of Bret. On July 7th Bret was playing at Conneaut Lake Park. Ruthie saw he was playing there and wanted to get Bret’s signature for her son. We waited patiently for hours by the bus, and Bret came out to welcome his fans. As he was signing autographs I told Bret part of her story and he so graciously signed the guitar,which I just so happened to have, for Ruthie’s son, Spencer. Bret was great with all the fans and very patient. It was so greatly appreciated and Ruthie’s son cant await for the day to actually go see Bret himself in concert as well.

Thanks Bret,



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