/ Story: Addison Gets Ready For Diabetes Camp! / Story: Addison Gets Ready For Diabetes Camp!

I have been a huge Bret Michaels fan since I went to my first Poison concert. I followed every album and enjoyed many concerts over the years.  I never
expected to meet Bret, nor did I ever expect we would be connected in another
way -Type 1 Diabetes.  My daughter, Addison, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on February 26, 2010, at the age of 5.  As a parent, it is heartbreaking and overwhelming when your child is diagnosed with this disease.  

It is a day in, day out job.  When Addison was in the hospital, one of the doctors asked me “Who do you know with Type 1 Diabetes?”  My answer – “Bret Michaels”.  The doctor went on to tell me that even though Bret led a hectic lifestyle, he thought he was actually a pretty good example! 

In August of that same year, 2010, Bret played a show in our hometown.  I was in a bad place at that time, trying to learn to deal with Type 1 Diabetes. I went to the show and did a meet and greet after. Bret talked to me about diabetes camp and what a good experience it was for him. That night he encouraged me to find a good camp for Addison and even offered to pay for it! WOW – you meet your favorite rockstar AND he offers to help your child. Unbelievable.  

Bret also inspired me to form a walk team for JDRF.  The name of her team is Addison
Rocks.  We do our best every year to raise money for JDRF or The American Diabetes
Association.  Addison is anxious for a cure, but deals with Type 1 with such grace. She is my hero.   

Addison was only 6 when I met Bret, so now that she is 8 we have found a Diabetes
Camp for her to attend. We will be leaving to take her to Camp Granada on Sunday.
She is beyond excited. We live in a fairly small town, so she has met very few
other kids that have Type 1 Diabetes.  I am so grateful for this chance for her.

THANK YOU BRET and Life Rocks Foundation!

Dawn and Addison


Addison is ready for diabetes camp!

AddisonRocks shirt

Addison rocks diabetes!

mom meets Bret

Addison’s mom Dawn meeting Bret

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