– Life Rocks Foundation Story: Chris’ Counselor Hope – Life Rocks Foundation Story: Chris’ Counselor Hope

This is a story about my son Chris. He is 14 years old. Chris was diagnosed
when he was nine years old – January 4, 2008. We were so lucky that our doctor
picked up on the signs and got the help Chris needed right away. Chris was in the
hospital for five days. My husband and I were in a state of shock yet put on a
brave face and learned as much as we could about Type 1 Diabetes. Chris is such an
awesome kid!! One night in the hospital I was on my laptop researching Type 1 and
saw Camp Midicha.

I was so excited that the camp Chris had gone to Day Camp is the
same Camp where Camp Midicha is!!  I signed him up for Camp – because Chris was nine he had to go to the overnight Camp. Chris was nervous about staying overnight for the week but went anyway. Chris had a BLAST and was so happy he went!! That was five years ago. The last four years Chris went for both sessions. He LOVES Camp.

To be able to be with kids with Type 1 is so awesome!!! He learned how to put his
pump site on his legs last summer – which was huge!!

Thank you!!

Chris is in the SuperMan shirt. He has had the greatest Counselors at Camp throughout the years and hopes to be a Counselor when he is older at Camp Midicha in Fenton Michigan. Midicha – Michigan Diabetes Chapter…

Chris Buell

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