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Hi Bret,

I have just come across this site and I wanted to say THANK YOU for the attention you have brought to this disease. My son Branson is 9 and he was diagnosed at age 5. He is truly my hero , until last summer he was racing motocross only to quit to play football. He has never used diabetes as an excuse to quit anything, he is a straight A student and is wise beyond his years. Through this he has taught me to live, strive for life and fight for love. Myself along with some other awesome women here in Alabama have started a support group Type I Diabetics of Mobile Bay. Our goal is to help educate, offer resources and link families and kids together to know there not alone in this fight. We meet once a month , and always working on raising awareness and money to help with either finding a cure or sponsoring kids for camp . If we can make a difference in one child’s life to let them see how normal a life they can live then we’ve done our job. As a parent it’s scary to know what we’ve been through and what we still might face in the future but through my sons love, and faith , and strength he is my armor in life . Thank you Bret, you are a true inspiration and help so many people out with your Life Rocks Foundation.

Christy Williams


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