Your Story: Scott Stewart

Your Story: Scott Stewart

When my daughter Lauren was diagnosed with Type 1 we didn’t really know what to do or even expect, she was only 8 years old. The thought of pricking fingers and injecting insulin was too much to comprehend. She is now 15 years old, a freshman @ El Dorado High in Kansas. We still struggle from time to time, but with camp we have built quite a support system.

A few years ago, someone told me about the Tour de Cure. So I rounded up my family and friends and formed Team L.G. after my daughter Lauren. As things progressed, I became more involved with our local ADA office in Wichita and have since taken on a Volunteer roll as the Executive Chairman of Sponsorship for the 2012 Tour de Cure.

I have introduced my daughter to twitter (irockdiabetes) to help her find a support system online that would be much cooler than good ole DAD.

Lauren is the strongest person I have ever met. I thought being a former Marine, I was tuff. But I am humbled by my daughter and what she has to go through each and every day to survive. She is truly an inspiration to me. She still remains positive, plays high school sports and seems happy. She is truly a remarkable young lady.

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