Inspired by Bret, here is a letter from Lisa about her diabetes story.

Inspired by Bret, here is a letter from Lisa about her diabetes story.

Thanks from a type 1 child’s mom!

by Lisa Treese

Hi Janna!

You dont know me but I wanted to share a few things about my experience with having a child w/diabetes. I am a mom of 3 great boys…the youngest, Zachary, now 7, was diagnosed when he was 3. I couldnt believe my ears when we were told Zach was sick! I didnt even understand that we had to leave for Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh PA right at that moment! So we drove a couple hours, I now live near Altoona PA, and everything went through my mind…..from “this is a mistake” to the worst fear….”Zach was dying.”

Now that it has been 4 years, I have to say that this disease, as much as I want to curse at it, has taught me how to survive and conquer! I stayed up all night surfing websites and learned all I could about type 1 and came across the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami. (the ADA sends research money to this lab) and decided that I was going to do something to help these kids realize they can do anything they want with a little planning!

We had previously attended an ADA walk at the Pittsburgh Zoo and got the idea of starting one here in my little hometown of Hollidaysburg….so off we went! TEAM ZACHARY was born….and we started with diabetes education at the elem. school and held our own little walk that spring. The principal told me to not be upset if no one showed up…..people have tried walks before and they didnt really work out!

Well, 4 years later…..hundreds of families come to our little walk/fun day!! There are so many little kids in our area with type 1 diabetes and nobody understood what they were going through! We now go into other schools and educate the teachers and students and show them how they can help look out for our kids! By the time Zach went to kindergarten this year, the teachers knew all about it! (he was the first to go to kindergarten with an insulin pump!)

I started out with one team……and one vision….to find others who are dealing with this disease and bring us together for one mission….to help find a CURE! We have raised more than $45,000 and I helped the DRI win $10,000 for the video contest that Animas Corp. sponsored……so our little town has made a difference!!

Can you please tell Bret that we “moms” who have listened to his music growing up, are very thankful for helping us raise much needed awareness to this terrible disease. There is nothing we want more than a cure, it may not be today or tomorrow, but at least we can teach our kids that anything is possible until that day comes!

Here are some pictures for you……the smile on the faces of the kids is what it’s all about….they know they aren’t alone in this fight and someday we can say……you USED to have diabetes!”

Sincerely, Lisa Treese…. mom of three great boys!!

Zachary’s first day of kindergarten, with my middle son Dylan, who has a type of kidney disease, we not only count carbs in my house, we count sodium and protein!

this is our team

Aidan was just diagnosed before this walk….look how proud he is!

This is Miranda’s Walking Warriors cutting the ribbon with Senator Eichelberger and his wife, Charlotte Ames, she’s our health newscaster on our local news

My trip top the lab….this is Dr. Ricordi with his Ricordi chamber…it was mentioned on Grey’s Anatomy this year! (tell Bret to go see this lab and meet everyone….he wont believe his eyes!)

Microscopes that are trying to find a cure!

This is Breely, she cut the ribbon this year

These are some of the kids with Steamer, The Pittsburgh Pirates AA team, Altoona Curve Mascot

Me and my niece…..she wants a cure for her cousin!

This is everyone who needs a cure!

Please  support our cause…..for all kids like Zachary!

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