#UnbrokenFriday Story! #UnbrokenFriday Story!

Dear Bret,

I wanted to share my “Unbroken” story with you but first wanted to tell you that YOU are truly my Unbroken and my true inspiration in life! The monumental acts of kindness and your beautiful soul have inspired and helped so many and I am so very grateful to you beyond words!

Over the last four years I have been diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia, Pre-diabetes, Functional Neurological Disorder which affected my ability to walk as well and Fibromyalgia which causes extreme daily pain and fatigue.

However, I don’t let these things break me and when I feel down, your music and your concerts and meeting you numerous times is enough to keep me going strong and tough.  Your music makes me feel invincible, free and just does the heart good!

It’s been amazing that I have been able to learn to walk again and I shared my story with you in Tunica last year and was so grateful to be back on my feet!

After all you have been through in your life I know that I can beat all odds as well!

So thankful to be able to attend as many of your concerts as possible through the years and will be seeing you soon as well!  

I’m staying “Unbroken” all thanks to you!

Love you always and forever!



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What makes you “Unbroken”?

With the official release of singer songwriter Bret Michaels’ new #Unbroken single and video release, we hope everyone is enjoying and sharing the song/video! Bret co-wrote the track with and also features daughter Jorja Michaels now available at digital music outlets for download/streaming. The music video featuring military veteran hero and Dancing with the Stars alum Noah Galloway is now on YouTube, watch above. – Team Bret

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Do you have a story of rising above to overcome obstacles, a story of strength, inspiration through music to battle through setbacks or illness? We’d like to hear and share your story and photos. Tell us how you are unbroken! Simply visit to share your story/photos. – Team Bret

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