Story: A Grandaughter Gives Grandfather The Gift Of Life Story: A Grandaughter Gives Grandfather The Gift Of Life

My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 renal failure. His kidneys were shutting down, only functioning at 30%. Without dialysis he wouldnt live past 6 months. I began the process of donating a kidneyDuring a visit to U of M for the final panel of tests and the doctors found a lump in my neck which I had never noticed. After having a biopsy done, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Two week later I was having my thyroid and 68 cancerous lymph nodes removed from neck. I was no longer eligible to donate my kidney. While trying to save my dad’s life, he saved mine, he was back at square one. This was back in 2013. I am happy, and very proud, to say that in January 2016 my very giving and loving 21 year old daughter Courtney donated her kidney to her grandfather. He has adjusted well to her kidney and no longer has to do dialysis. She gave him the best give anyone could ask for, the gift of life. – Tobie

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