Feature: Anja’s Story Inspires Mattel/American Girl Dolls Diabetes Accessories Feature: Anja’s Story Inspires Mattel/American Girl Dolls Diabetes Accessories

Dear Bret,

Last year you featured my daughter Anja and her petition to get Mattel/American Girl to make diabetes accessories for their dolls.

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I wanted to update you on our progress and let you know that her petition was a success! Starting January 1st girls all over the world will be able to buy diabetic accessories for their dolls and stuffed animals. The diabetes care kit includes an insulin pump, meter, insulin pump, lancing device, glucose tablets, medical alert bracelet, ID card, insulin pump skin stickers,and carrying case. Mattel/American Girl gets bombarded with tons of requests every year asking them to make certain kinds of dolls and accessories. We are so excited that Mattel chose to make this product. This will make so many kids who struggle with this chronic disease and help them to not feel alone. The company began selling these kits in select stores this week and the response has been amazing!

Not only are type 1 diabetics buying these kits, but kids with a loved one suffering from diabetes and even boys who are using these kits on their stuffed animals. People are also donating these kits to diabetes clinics and hospitals to use as a teaching tool. We just wanted to thank everyone out there that shared our story, signed our petition, and wrote encouraging messages of support. So many people all over the world have already expressed interested in the buying diabetes care kits. Thank you Mattel/American Girl!


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