Story: Inspired By Bret, Daughter Walks To Celebrate Mother’s Memory Story: Inspired By Bret, Daughter Walks To Celebrate Mother’s Memory 

On September 3, 2013 my life changed in a way I was not prepared for. My Mother, Mona who was completely healthy died unexpectedly from a massive ruptured brain aneurysm at the age of 59. She was the most beautiful person on the inside and out and lived her life with such a passion for life! Her motto was “Life is a Celebration!” 

Since my Mother’s passing, I wanted to do something positive and make a difference in the world like she did. I came across the Brain Aneurysm Foundation website and saw that I could organize a walk in my Mom’s honor. I also came to find out that September is brain aneurysm awareness month which is the month she passed away. I along with my family decided that September would be the month that we would have our event. 

We organized a 3 mile walk this past September 27, 2015 around beautiful lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, MN and for our first event it was a huge success! We raised over $5,000! The memory of my Mom will live on forever and now by our family having this walk to remember Mona, her love and laughter will be spread to all those who knew her by shining a little light on the fact that she’s gone, but never forgotten! And, she lives in our hearts forever! 

Also, Mona loved music and loved to dance! We had an acoustic musician play at our walk and next year we plan to have even more music! Our family loves music, Bret Michaels and we truly believe music is therapy for the soul! Thankfully 2 months before my Mom passed away we were able to take her to a Bret Michaels concert! She absolutely loved it!!! 

Our hope is by having our walk each year we will continue to spread awareness about the devastating disease of brain aneurysms and the signs and symptoms, and that brain aneurysms are hereditary. We are thankful that now each year in September instead of remembering that it is the month she passed away, we have a positive event to look forward to where we can see all friends, family and meet new friends along the way and celebrate the life of a woman who was larger than life! 

Thank you for letting me share my story. Peace, love, rock ‘n roll! -Tanya


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