Story: Type 1 Diabetic Daughter Is Her Mom’s Hero Story: Type 1 Diabetic Daughter Is Her Mom’s Hero

This is a story I know Bret can relate to! My daughter Genavie is 13 years old and is a type 1 diabetic for 5 years now and we all know the struggles of diabetes at such a young age even at older ages. But nothing stops Genavie she feels she was blessed by God with this disease to see how strong she can be in life. If you ask her if she wants a new pancreas she will flat out tell you NO. She never showed an ounce of fear since the day she was diagnosed. My daughter has become my hero she has showed me that she is stronger then me and most adults taking in diabetes like its a blessing. Genavie attends Camp Victory every year. I know Bret is aware of that camp :-). Last year she was made camper of the year because she is so caring she went around helping the other kids. One of the things Genavie does to deal with the stresses of her diabetes is sing, her dream is to one day become famous so she can be a hero for other diabetics her age and let them know just because they are diabetic that does not mean they can’t concur their dreams. Another thing she plans if ever famous is to donate and do a lot of charity for diabetes she has always had a big heart she chose to raise money in school one year and donated it to JDRF. She makes me proud everyday. Genavie has an amazing singing voice.


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