A Fan’s Throwback Thursday Story, Meeting Bret, Chemo & Inspiration

A Fan’s Throwback Thursday Story, Meeting Bret, Chemo & Inspiration

I met Bret 2 years ago after a concert in Hampton Beach, NH. I had just been told I needed chemo and cried all day. My friends convinced me to still go to the concert and do a meet/greet. Even though Bret had no idea what was going on, he was so incredibly nice, nicer than I ever imagined he would be. Two years later my treatments, surgeries etc are all done I had a chance to meet him again, this time with my daughter. We had a nice chat, I told him how much it meant to me that he was so kind and my daughter was thrilled to meet him too. In this day and age when stars are hero worshiped, Bret proves that he is the real deal. Bret is so charitable, so kind and thankful to all of his fans. Not only that, but every member of his band is just as nice and I’m so glad he’s feeling better.


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