Story: Heidi Pet Rescues Skyla Story: Heidi Pet Rescues Skyla

Anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet knows how difficult it is to let go. Last August I lost my Siamese kitty Versace. It broke my heart when she suddenly passed away. It took a few months, but I decided it was time to get a new kitty this year. I was open to adopting an adult cat, or kitten. I kept my search open for a few weeks, checking the various websites daily.

Then in March, I came across a certain cat that caught my eye. She was a Siamese, approximately 3 years old. So I left work, and took an extended lunch break to go meet her. She was at the AZ Humane Society. When they brought her into the little room I knew she would be going home with me. She seemed super sweet, but I could tell something was wrong with her. She’d take a few steps, and tip over! It was like she was tipsy. I discussed this with the H.S. and they said it could be something neurological, or an ear infection, or something. I took my chances, and adopted her. The AZ Humane Society gives a $500.00 voucher of credit to use at a Vet.

When I took her in, she had 2 ear infections. Then in a few days, she came down with a respiratory infection. She was barely eating, or drinking on her own. I burned through the $500.00 credit in no time. I was syringe feeding her food and water. She was so sick; I truly believe she wouldn’t have made it without me. But today she is good, she is a super sweet cat, named Skyla.


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