Story: Kenden Returns From Diabetes Camp, Gives Thanks To Bret Story: Kenden Returns From Diabetes Camp, Gives Thanks To Bret

I would like to thank Bret and the Life Rocks Foundation for sending my son Kenden to Diabetes Camp. Kenden was DX with T1 diabetes 10/29/09. Kenden attends Camp FCYD UTADA in Utah . Every year he has really enjoyed going to camp and meeting other kids and looks forward to the next year when he can see them again. Camp has really helped Kenden to become more proactive and responsible in managing his diabetes. Kenden has already decided that next year he wants to be a camp counselor for the younger children that will attend camp and he will be responsible for helping them check their blood sugars , record there blood sugars ,and watching over them. Throughout the week of camp. It is amazing what a positive impact camp has had on Kenden and so many other children that attend and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making it possible for Kenden and so many other children that fight diabetes to have a week where they can just be kids and every child there knows how it feels as you do everyday, and they don’t let it stop them. Thank you once again for your amazing giving soul.

Michelle & Kenden


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