Story: Lane Attends Diabetes Summer Camp For The 1st Time! Story: Lane Attends Diabetes Summer Camp For The 1st Time!

Bret, Patrick and the Life Rocks Foundation,

My son Lane was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 08-2011. I had requested that his doctor order the lab work because he was showing many signs of this disease as I knew of the because my younger sister is a type 1. As soon as the blood work came back we were off to Riley’s Children Hospital in Indianapolis. Lane had only went to his first two days of kindergarten before being admitted to the hospital. I knew all about camp and knew he could not got until he was 8 years old. However his dad had been injured at work and we were having a hard time keeping up with everything let alone paying for camp. I have always loved Bret’s music and the charity work he does so I found the link to apply. With in just a few short hours Patrick called accepting the application. At that point all my son wanted was to see Bret and shake his hand I bought tickets to the July 12 2014 show in Danville, IN and with the help of people around us and Lane’s poster we made he got close to the stage and shook Bret’s hand!! This means more to all of us than you will ever know as Lane has been struggling with feeling like he is “the only one” with the issues he has and camp will show him he is not alone. More to come after camp I am sure he will have lots to talk about after just this first year!

Again thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for sending Lane to camp Bret!

Samantha, Timmy and Lane





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