/ Story: Kelly celebrates her own and everyone’s birthday! / Story: Kelly celebrates her own and everyone’s birthday!

Two shoulder surgeries, a hysterectomy, and multiple other surgeries. Ever since I could remember I couldn’t wait to have a “Fabulous Forty” birthday party. I worked very hard to get there and now I was feeling more like a pity party. I knew I had to quickly change my attitude and be positive. I had three kids that needed me. Shortly after my diagnosis I had come across a sticky note on the Milwaukee Journal talking about a walk/run For Making Strides Against Breast Cancer that was taking place in a week. I only had one week to get a team together. That’s when Kels Angels was formed. Each year my team grows and so do the donations. This year I decided to have a benefit to raise money for my team and Making Strides. But not just any benefit, it was going to be a 9 Pin Tap Bowling Birthday Bash. People would ask me who’s birthday are we celebrating? My reply to that is, we are celebrating everyone’s birthday who is fortunate enough to be able to have another year to celebrate. So when I walk each year with Making Strides I feel like I am having the biggest best birthday party ever and I am grateful to be surrounded by the most courageous, strong women in the world.

That is better than any fortieth party could’ve ever been. I am now a survivor! This year I, along with my team, raised over $8200.00. I am the number one individual and team fundraiser in the Midwest!!!! I am feeling so blessed to be able to give back to such a worthy cause. I have never felt so awesome in my life. I want to keep going and do so much more.

Kelly Krohn



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