Team Bret Michaels Tuesday Team Bret Michaels Tuesday

Hello !!!

My name is Christie, I am Team Bret Michaels member, working with all things video along with other fun things within Michaels Entertainment.  I love the team I work with here and have so much respect for Bret.

I have known Bret for 14 years and during that time I have been inspired by him and his commitment to his fans, his desire to give back and I continue to be amazed at not only his talent in music and TV but his ability to keep up with a demanding schedule, being a Dad to his beautiful girls, Raine and Jorja as well as running Michaels Entertainment and all that encompasses.

I get to see so many of the stories that come in from fans.  Stories that portray how much he has inspired them to both pursue their dreams as well as deal with their health issues.  How he gives hope and heals people with his music.  When I am at shows I see how much it means for fans to meet him, that is a gift.

Bret’s Foundation, the Life Rocks Foundation, has carried out so many wonderful things and I can’t begin to list them all.  From sending diabetic kids to camp to the amazingly beautiful family room he built at St. Joseph Barrows he inspires not only his fans, but those who work for him to give back and support charities close to their heart.

I have a few charities that are close to my heart.  One is the Sepsis Alliance,  Seven years ago, I almost lost my son Christian to Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome, due to a bike accident.  Sepsis is to blame for many deaths and many times goes misdiagnosed until it is to late with patients of all ages and conditions.  I would love to help raise awareness about the disease.  Awareness for this particular condition can save lives.

Because of that accident and what my son went through, he decided he wanted to give back.  We talked and knew whatever he chose to do he wanted it to benefit children, especially children that are in the hospital for an extended time like he was.  We tossed around ideas and decided to start a charity organization entitled “Got Your Pack”.  In short, we provide backpacks filled with age and gender appropriate items for pediatric cancer patients.  From bubbles to crayons to sketch pads and all kinds of different fun items, these backpacks hopefully give a little bright spot in the day of these patients and their families and can stay packed and ready for doctor appointments or return hospital visits.

Although we have just recently started this venture, we have gotten quite a few donations.  Our first pack is being delivered within the next week to someone we know personally.  We will then begin delivering packs to a local hospital and hope that with support it will grow to other hospitals as well.

We have fun working on it together and I am very proud that he understands the importance of giving back.

For more information on Got your Pack you can visit our Facebook Page at

Bret’s fans are THE BEST in the world!  You Rock!!!


Here is a picture of my son Christian with some supplies for Got Your Pack.


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