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One of the goals of is to share stories of people who are out there making a big difference in the world. No matter what the cause, it is important to spotlight the people who fight, who raise awareness and who help those who suffer from illness or natural disaster.

We share your stories, stories of people Bret has met along the way and information about how you can help a particular cause. Every now and again one of our team members sees a story or a social media post about someone who makes a difference and we share it here.

That’s what this post is about today, someone who has made a very big difference in a lot of young people’s lives and in the lives of their families.

A post came up on my Facebook news feed from Brit Turner, drummer for Blackberry Smoke. His daughter, Lana, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in 2009. Brit shared a link to the blog of a gentlemen named Kappy, who has been a counselor for Camp Sunshine for the last ten years. Kappy helped Brit and his family deal with the emotions surrounding the diagnosis.

Camp Sunshine is a place for children with cancer to feel like every other kid and be a kid. It’s much like the diabetic camps that the Life Rocks Foundation has sent so many kids to over the years. They do activities, play games and so much more. Please check out their web site at to learn more about them.

To read Kappy’s blog post, please visit You can read his story and donate to his fundraiser there as well. Kappy sounds like a great guy and worthy of all the recognition he gets for making a huge difference in the lives of kids with cancer and their families. The title of his blog is “Warrior of Cancer and the Army of Happiness” and that warrior is bringing smiles to many faces.

I have never met Kappy, but he sounds like an awesome guy. He is a hero to the kids he works with and the families he helps. If you are able to donate, check out his blog. If not, Team Bret Michaels is also about raising awareness. Share this post or the information about Kappy and Camp Sunshine in Decatur, Georgia.

~ Christine

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