Kateri: Camp Kid

Kateri: Camp Kid

Bret- I can’t thank you enough for sending Kateri (pronounced: kuh-teer-e) to Camp
Midicha this year. She had so much fun. Reuniting with some friends from last year
and making a bunch of new ones! I know that having Kateri go to camp helps her cope
with the daily crap she puts up with, having this disease. Knowing there are people
who are taking what God handed them and going after everything they want – not
letting it stop them, is truly inspirational for her. The friends she makes now
will be forever…there’s definitely a bond when these young kids totally understand
and support each other. Its amazing to see how close they’ve become when you pick
them up, after just 5 days of being together! And I also want to thank you because
it gives me a much needed break from the midnight checks and constant counting of
carbs. It was FABULOUS!!!!

I have attached 7 pictures for you. The first being her picture when she was
8…this was a couple weeks before she was diagnosed (the sight of her collar
bones sticking out makes me cringe) she was under 50 pounds at the hospital when
she was admitted. The next is happier…just last week, onthe first day of her
7th grade year. The last 5 are from camp, being her goofy self and having as much
fun as she can…especially the picture of her at the dance (the last night at
camp) she was really bustin’ some moves (her face is all red)!! The last one is
what she looked like when I picked her up…rockin her bandana, wearing the shirt
that they tye-dyed themselves and feeling the confidence that camp has given her.

She really wants to thank you in person, so the next time you come to Soaring
Eagle Casino in Mt.Pleasant MI we will be there and would love to have a chance to
come back stage so she can give you a big hug and thank you in person.

You’re making such a difference.

Thank you,

Sarah Tripp


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