Emmy enjoyed attending Camp AZDA

Emmy enjoyed attending Camp AZDA


by Emmy, Trevor and Helen Cartwright


Emmy had an amazing time at camp. It was such a great experience for her to meet with other kids her age and to meet adults living with diabetes. She particularly thought it was interesting to meet a camp counselor in his 20’s who has diabetes, Celiac, and a hearing loss, just like her. We can’t thank you enough.


God Bless, Trevor and Helen Cartwright

Dear Bret Michaels,

Thank you for sending me to camp. It was so fun this Year! Amazing things! I learned many things about my Diabetes! One of the things that I learned is that one Unit of Insulin will take your blood sugar down about 120 numbers. When you test your blood Sugar your Meter can be within 5 numbers incorrect going up or down. I had so much fun with all my friends at camp. Thank you so much for sending me to camp this year.

Emmy Cartwright

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