Your Story: Dean P


by Dean P

Hi my name is Dean and I am a 13yr old type one diabetic. I got diagnosed for my 6th birthday party worst birthday present ever. After about 2 yrs I went on the pump and accepted that I have diabetes and have taken over most of the care for myself. I feel happy with diabetes and the care I am getting. I have met a lot of great people because of having diabetes. Iv met diabetics who have climb Mt Everest, ran in a iron man race at Camp surefire ( the only camp for diabetics in RI ). Campsurfire is awesome we learn about diabetes and play capture the flag and no parents allowed. I have been following your story and it has impacted a more positive attitude toward diabetes. I saw you on the apprentice and was worried about your daughter at the time I have been following since. We have had 2 other diabetics come and talk to us at camp. The Everest climbers taught us further about how they deal with diabetes . If okay with you I would like you to come down to our camp to tell us your story. Thank you and continue having a good life.