Share Your Story Submission: Landon

Share Your Story Submission: Landon

This is Landon’s story!

Just about 3 years ago on Thanksgiving, Landon was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The initial shock hit us hard as a family. However, through his strength and support from family, friends, the endocrine clinic, and other Type 1 families, we have continued to advance on our treatment.

Every day is a challenge, but we push for him and everyone that has Type 1!

Landon is an avid hockey player and has big dreams for his future. Type 1 isn’t slowing this guy down.

Thank you for letting us share his story.

Anthony C.

Throughout the month of November, we will be featuring stories of people living with diabetes as part of our #KnowSurviveThrive campaign and partnership with EASET1D.orgTo submit your #KnowSurviveThrive story, visit our Submit Your Story page.

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