Story: Karah’s Story Story: Karah’s Story

At the tiny age of 15 months Karah was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Only 1 in 3,000 children this young are diagnosed. Karah is now 19 months old and since diagnosed she has been hospitalized twice and multiple E.R. trips due to her diabetes.

Her story began with her getting very ill and she had seen 4 different doctors before they realized what had been causing all the vomiting and drowsiness. They rushed her by ambulance right away to St. Lukes in Cedar Rapids. When they realized her blood sugar was at a 409 and she was extremely dehydrated, Karah was hospitalized for 5 days while they got her back to normal as best as they could. Due to Karah’s diabetes this has left her mother to have to quit her full time job to care for Karah day and night. Karah is now insulin dependent and gets her tiny fingers pricked 6 or more times a day. She also gets 4, sometimes 5 insulin shots a day.

We are hosting a silent auction, dinner and dance on November 22, 2014 at the Belle Plaine Iowa American Legion.

Money donated for Karah will be going towards current medical bills and to get Karah a Dexcom which is a device that will monitor her blood sugar every 5 minutes so her parents can catch her blood sugar before it gets to high and most importantly before it gets to low.

Melissa Johnson


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