Story: Do It For The Dogs Story: Do It For The Dogs

Dear Bret,

We are a Non-Profit animal rescue in Grove, OK. We Need Your Help! We are starting our first expansion and renovation in 30 years of existence! One of our goals is to build 18 more Indoor dog kennels with outdoor access so that all our dogs will be protected from the Oklahoma winters/frozen water buckets and sweltering heat in the summer. We saved over 700 dogs and cats last year, all through donations, our Thrift Shop and the hard work of our volunteers/workers. We work with our community and schools to present humane animal education and to promote volunteering so they can appreciate the intensive effort required in caring for the animals awaiting adoption. Through education, we are creating guardians who may help the animals or who may even run our shelter in the future. We believe volunteering builds a strong sense of selflessness and compassion in adults and children alike. We need help raising funds for our modest renovation – our goal is to raise $350,000. As a Non-Profit, we are really stepping out in faith that we can raise this money but it will take generous donors. We are a no-kill, Life Saving organization. I’ve attached a picture of Cassie, one of our wonderful Shelter workers with Jethro the Bassett and Bandana Man! We have just recently partnered with Rescue Waggin so we are very excited to save even more lives through PetSmart’s great program and we know you are very involved with them too! Our fund raising brochure is on our website (top in yellow “Capital Campaign brochure”. We don’t have a hometown hero to champion our cause,maybe you could help or get the word out on your facebook or website to help us generate funds – save more lives just like Jethro?! We believe our fund raising slogan says it all: We are their Shelter, but You are their Future! We have a facebook site: Second Chance Pet Rescue of Grand Lake. Our mailing address: P.O. Box 451205; Grove, OK 74345-1205. My name is Laura Roberts, I am a volunteer and help take the pictures that we post to help save lives….Thank You for all you do and for bringing the importance of Rescue to your fans, you really do Rock!

– Laura


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