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My son Justin is 12 years old. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
when he was 8. He wears an insulin pump and works really hard to be responsible
about his health. Being in middle school with type 1 diabetes is a challenge. Last
year Justin created a game called Fantasy Diabetes to help his friends understand
type 1 and to make it fun for himself to test his blood sugar. His friends guess
his blood sugar before he tests. Then they get points based on accuracy! Now his
friends understand highs, lows and what it takes to stay healthy. Justin was very
inspired by Bret when he was on the Apprentice and saw how open Bret was talking
about T1! Now Justin is going to Washington as a member of JDRF children’s congress
to advocate for funding for research. Justin thought Bret might want to learn
about his game and share it with other kids with T1. His website isĀ

Thank you,

Lori Schur


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