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My name is Summer. I am 6 years old and on Feb 4, 2013 I found out that I
had Type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism. I think that is the same age as Bret when he
found out. My Grandpa has had Type 1 for the last 25 years so myself and my mom were very familiar with diabetes. (My mom says thats why I was so brave in the hospital.)

The doctors told my family that I had it only 3 weeks before I was admitted.
Luckly my mom knew the signs. I was complaining of a headache, drinking a ton of
water, going to the bathroom more than normal, and was very irratable. The doctors
told my mom that most kids enter the hospital with diabetes in a coma, but because
of her knowledge I am truly grateful that she caught it that early. I am writing
this to let people know that there are signs to watch out for and it could save
someones life. Maybe in my lifetime there will be a cure and I could be a normal
healthy kid again.



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