Sophia’s Story: An Inspiration Within

Sophia’s Story: An Inspiration Within

Dear Bret,

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending me to camp!! My mom was so excited to tell me she had met you and that you offered to send me to camp. I couldn’t believe it. I had just been diagnosed for six months when she met you, so it was very emotional for us. Thank you so much. I just got back a couple days ago. The day I got back I got to go to your concert in Elko, MN. You were so¬†exciting to watch!!! And it was even more fun to meet you and I’m glad we got to talk for a few minutes. I felt pretty lucky for once! As you know diabetes is a big responsibility. You have to grow up pretty quick. I’m glad there is a camp for kids with diabetes. It’s the one time I don’t feel like I have diabetes. Nobody has to wait for me to count my carbs or check my sugar or give myself insulin. Because we are all doing it. I was suppose to rock climb at camp, but I broke my fingers right before camp in a motocross race crash. So I did the Wranglers and it was fun! Thanks for signing my cast. I am saving it now!

I was diagnosed when I was 12 years old. I was real sick after having the H1N1 flu virus. The doctors tell me that is what caused my diabetes. I am very active with dance, acting, singing, gymnastics & motocross. I also stay on the honor roll in school. So when I was sick, it was hard to even get up. We didn’t know what was wrong with me and I pretty much couldn’t do anything. The doctors couldn’t figure it out. I was so sick of going to doctors and getting different medicine and different diagnosis. I was just beat. Finally I ended up in the hospital after just being so sick I couldn’t take it anymore. After a few days they figured it out. I didn’t know if I was gonna die or what. I asked the doctor if I was gonna die, and he said no. Then I asked if I could still dance, and he said yes. I think we were in shock for a while. My mom didn’t sleep at all – she still never sleeps cause she has to check on me all night. It’s a lot of work. After a week or two I started feeling better. It wasn’t long before I was back in all my activities. I just have to be careful and take the time to take care of myself. It’s really hard to be a kid and have to manage a disease. But I am learning.

You have inspired me to give back as well. At camp you can learn how to be a counselor and I’m going to do just that! Since you offered to send me to camp again next year, I’m excited to keep going and one day be a camp counselor myself! My family raises money for a cure! I gave you one of the wrist bands they sell to raise money. Maybe in our lifetime we will find a cure!!!

Thank you so much Bret. You and the people you work with are great. My mom is also SO thankful to you and everyone who helps you make dreams come true!

Love, Health & Happiness to you and your family and team!

Sophia Johnson


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