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Tag: Treyden Story: Treyden’s Cabin Grand Opening At The Marshfield Clinic Wisconsin Story: Treyden’s Cabin Grand Opening At The Marshfield Clinic Wisconsin

We’d like to share an update to a story that has been a work in progress. Our friends Cassie and Travis have let us know that Treyden’s Cabin had it’s grand opening this past week! The cabin which is open at the Marshfield Clinic is the hard work of a lot of people including Treyden’s parents Cassie and Travis in memory of their son, as well as a personal donation from Bret through his Life Rocks Foundation.

To learn more about Treyden, Treyden’s Cabin at the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin and see great photos of the cabin, please click the link below.

Thank you!

– Team Bret


At last night’s Bret Michaels show in Wausau, WI, Team Saving Treyden was out in full force and left an inspiring, memorable presence. Upon learning of Treyden’s condition, The Life Rocks Foundation made it’s mission to help the Kurtzweil family during this difficult time. Treyden’s family and friends showed support by wearing orange shirts during the course of the night ending with Bret bringing Treyden’s parents Cassie and Travis onstage to honor Treyden’s memory.

On behalf of Bret and everyone at MEGI, Treyden will forever be with us. Treyden, Cassie, Travis and the Kurtzweil family will forever be apart of us.


Treyden’s parents, Cassie and Travis Kurtzweil


Treyden’s family


Treyden’s parents, Cassie and Travis Kurtzweil joining Bret onstage.




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Life Rocks Rocks Foundation Message Rocks Foundation Message

Our thoughts and prayers are with baby Treyden, his family and friends as he continues to fight for his life at St. Jude Children’s hospital. Children such as Treyden, Ava and Ronan are some of the reasons I fight so hard through the Life Rocks Foundation. The courage and strength of these children and their families is why I strive to make a difference.

– Bret Michaels