Just Like You Campaign

Just Like You Campaign

Just Like You

Our inspiration ~ Conversations with kids whose normal lives are affected by their diabetes because of a lack of education and understanding by other kids and other people in their lives.

Diabetes affects everyone, whether it is personally, a family member, a friend, and / or a co-worker. Everyone knows someone with diabetes.

Kids lose friends, some diabetics refuse to properly take care of themselves, some think it limits what they can do, and some never let anyone know they have it. People look to inspirational people to cope.

Bret Michaels is one of those inspirational people. A Type I diabetic since age six, Michaels has touched the lives of many fellow diabetics and has championed the many educational camps around the country helping diabetic children learn how to manage their disease and get to do things normal kids do. Michaels has shown that you can live a normal life, do the things you chose to do and still take care of yourself and manage your diabetes.

Bret Michaels controls his diabetes, it does not control him. He has shown that by taking care of himself and checking his blood sugar regularly, he can live out his dreams and lead a fulfilling life.

Together with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), Michaels is looking to find a cure while helping those living with the disease live their lives to the fullest.

The Campaign

“I’m Just Like You.”

Kids with Diabetes are Just Kids.

The campaign to show that kids with diabetes are just like other kids.

Starring Bret Michaels and Charlie the Kid

Our mission with this campaign is to let everyone know that while diabetes may affect so many people, it is not contagious and it doesn’t have to be the end of the world when you are diagnosed. You can lead a full life by taking care of yourself and educating others so that they do not assume that a person living with diabetes is so different that they cannot do what they want to do.

Take a few moments to read Charlie’s story and learn a little bit about him. Check out the resources that Charlie and Bret have collected for you to review and please take the time to talk to your doctors and read about diabetes. The more we educate ourselves and the more awareness we raise, the closer we are to a cure.

In no way is this site offering medical advice or information – it is about sharing personal experiences from Charlie, Bret and the friends and fans we come in contact along the way. Your doctor or team of doctors is your source for information about your diabetes.