Flat Bret

Flat Bret

We at Team Bret Michaels are introducing “Flat Bret” to help raise awareness for a variety of causes.

Using the Bret Michaels is Bandana Man cartoon, we want you to help us raise awareness for diabetes, cancer, childhood cancer, military support, pet charities, heart disease, and many more causes.

Print out the uncolored version and color in the wristbands to support the causes that mean the most to you personally or to your school or community program. Use him to raise awareness for diabetes in the month of November. Use “Flat Bret” to raise awareness about children’s issues like bullying and hunger.

Share your photos of Flat Bret with us at flatbret@teambretmichaels.com and we will post them here on TeamBretMichaels.com. When submitting your photos, please read the submission statement below and provide a story about how you raised awareness about a good cause. All photos are subject to staff approval and a parent or guardian must give permission for all under the age of 18. By submitting your photo(s) to the above address you agree that you wish to have your photo published. If you do not want your photo published, please see the Submit Your Story link for sharing the photo and select do not share my photo. Thank you!

Submission Policy:
All submissions become the property of BretMichaels.com and related entities for use on the web site or in promotional materials. By submitting your photo you assert that you are the copyright holder of the item(s) and that all parties in the photo consent to its public use.

Please be sure to include all of your contact information (full name, mailing address, email address, phone number), names of all participants in the photo (does not need to include those in the background), when and where the photo was taken, and who is to receive photo credit.

Photo/submissions release statement: All submissions to Michaels Entertainment Group Inc. and it’s related companies (B*M*B Poor Boy Records, Last Child Productions, BretMichaels.com) become the property of MEGI. Submission of photos, drawings, stories and the like constitutes permission to use said items in MEGI related press including but not limited to: Newsletters, web site, video, promotional materials and print publications.

NOTICE: We CANNOT accept any unsolicited material for film, television or music work. Any such transmissions will be immediately discarded.