Bettyann – Her Story

I have been a type 1 Diabetic now for 10yrs with the oneset at age 38. Meeting Bret Michaels in person last yr was a dream come true. He is very Inspirational to me with his positive attitude and donations for this disease that we live with daily. It has it’s ups and downs but Bret gives us all hope and to “keep” going on besides all the struggles we suffer with. I did my first Step Out And Walk For Diabetes in Spokane, WA this Oct 2011. It was a great experience. I now am also a huge advocate for Diabetes since meeting Bret Michaels. I pray they someday find a cure as this Disease is serious and causes so many other health issues. But with hope, faith, and positive attitude we can conquer and live with this Disease. Now at 48 I am taking it more serious:)